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Town Hall Webinar on Optimal Library Selection for Drug Discovery Wednesday, May 26th, 2016 10AM (Pacific), 1PM (Eastern), 6PM (GMT):

Collaborative Drug Discovery's upcoming webinar, "Genentech & UCSF Ponder Optimal Library Selection for Drug Discovery", will challenge our panelists, as well as the audience, to ponder what should be included in an optimal small molecule library and to consider the mere existence of “universally desirable” molecules. We will discuss:

• specific types of molecules most desirable for targets, diseases, research, and iterative laboratory workflows

• emerging technologies that are impacting optimal library selection

• role of software in library selection and screening

• short-term and long-term future of library selection and screening

• effectiveness of PAINS filters, Bioassay Oncology, Rule of 5, and Rule of 3 philosophies

• lessons learned for chemists and biologists working within industry or academia

Join our distinguished panel of speakers as they deviate from the expected “PowerPoint presentation” style webinar to provide an engaging Town Hall experience.

Register here to reserve your attendee slot! As always, we welcome your suggestions for future webinar topics you find interesting.

Also, we'd like to express a special THANK YOU to the webinar Platinum Sponsor, Asinex - a provider of screening libraries that are enhancing medicinal chemistry programs throughout the world since 1994!


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